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Powers: Rogue has the ability to draw a human's energy from a mere touch, causing unconsciousness and, in some cases, elongated comas.

This allows her to absorb their psyche, skills, and powers for a short time.

Her powers of super strength and flight are revealed to have come from Ms.

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His durable strength and agility possibly also come from this ability, charging himself with a potent amount of energy to undertake many tasks that normal humans cannot perform.

Alpha Flight was seen in the episode "Repo Man." Vindicator (who had renamed himself Guardian in the comics) and the Canadian Alpha Flight capture Wolverine. Either he joins their team as originally planned or they repossess his indestructible, adamantium skeleton.

This was the team created by Magneto in an alternate time-line after Xavier was killed in early life in the episode "One Man's Worth," in which the humans and mutants were locked in a war.

Powers: His eyes emit a powerful burst of light energy that can cause devastating damage.

He can only control them if he closes his eyes or hides them behind ruby-quartz crystals (usually in the form of sunglasses).

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