Chat sxs 24

The finish is parkerized, and the stock is also finished in a non-glare matte.

It is chambered for the Magnum 10 and 12 gauges and has 26" barrels.

Also the words "Durham" "Made in Spain" "Turkey Special" are on it. North Kansas City, Missouri Turkey Special: A utilitarian model designed to be an effective turkey hunting tool.

Good Fair Poor800 700 450 350 250 150"I assume they are importers of guns. There was an earlier American Firearms in the1800's; unrelated as far as I know.

There was no note on discontinuing this model so I assume it was still available in 2009.

It shows a camo sling like yours so I assume it is a fairly new.

I ordered new parts from you, 2 handles, 2 lower and 2 upper trim, unfortunately the uppers were no longer available, so 2 extra lowers were ordered. Since the last two digits were not posted with the post, you will need to either look them up with the number from the units' I. tag or you can call us at 1-877-477-7278 and give the units' complete model number from the I. tag to the representative and they will be happy to look it up for you.

With a little bit of cutting and filling the lower ones fitted the top space perfectly. will your Handle sxs, part number WR12X10332, fit our refridgerater and since it is a side by side, do I need to order 2 handles?

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