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Stark watches a video that cat and Erica's friend took where Cat and Erica are Making out.

Instead of just scaring her he hit her with the car killing her :( It was very unpredictable and very good!!!!

Earlier in the week, we posted a piece that looked at the many underappreciated movies in the career of one of our favourite actors, James Woods. While we were sat bleary eyed, rapidly injecting coffee the following morning, an e-mail landed in our inbox. is one of mine because it was a challenge to my longtime friend and collaborator, Oliver Stone.

Looked around to see if someone was playing a prank. It was indeed from Mr James Woods, who, in further mails, has given us permission to post what he said.

While doing yoga, Shark sees on TV a teenage girl was hit by a car near the house where his daughter Julie is at a party. Since Erica was a black girl in a white neighborhood, the case should be handled swift because of the press and people who want to know if her death was racial.

Therefore, when Shark finds out the death wasn't racial, he has to prove this as soon as possible.

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