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‘Aren’t we there yet’ and he simply wants to sink into the overbearing comfort of being a coffee-chugging couch potato with homemade yum food spread on the dinner table each night! Let-Me-Check-My-Calendar This guy HAS come to terms with his single status (oh, Thank God!If you are the sane types who wants to take her own sweet time before saying ‘I do’ again, run, run, good woman, run! ) and he wants to meet a great woman too (Another BIG thank you) but…(oh, no.there’s always a but)…he isn’t willing to change his schedule one bit to make room for her.

Weekends aren’t lookin’any good either coz well, he is camping out. But the bitterness of this guy can make a vanilla ice-cream topped with hot chocolate fudge sour!

But good news, he has a two-hour window on the third Tuesday from now, if you can make it to his neighborhood! You can tell the type right off the bat when he will make a snide remark about your choice on the menu- coz anybody who eats pot roast is a wanton b*tch, right?

And tops it with nasty comments about any topic you begin by relating it to his ex and how she spoke about the same.

Seriously, if you’ve stepped outside the ruins of your marriage, hoping to find love beyond the cemetery of ache and regret, you are in for the mad dance of some hard-hitting truths.

Truth no 1: You know when they say ‘all the good ones are taken,’ they aren’t lying. Unless you want to snag someone young, but that’s discussion for another post, really!

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