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Dating barn beams

During the metal drives of World War I and II, much of the old metal was removed from the farm.

But, as there were few patriots that would risk life and limb to climb up some 40 feet to bring down a 50 pound trolley all while balancing on then wooden ladders, they are there to be found. When you come to visit you will see the largest cataloging of hay trolleys ever assembled online.

The vast majority of Manufacturers, models, advertisements, patents, collection, etc. There is an active forum that members participate in that gets questions answered, shares pictures of trolleys, restoration tips and a whole lot more.

“The Heart of the Barn” is what hay unloaders or hay trolleys have come to be called for well over a 100 years. Porter, Louden, Ney and Hunt, Helm & Ferris, all providing (in many cases free of charge) the architectural plans needed to build the period’s most efficient means of moving hay and other crops around, namely the hay trolley.

I am sure that the readers of the Barn Alliance are quite familiar with these iron wonders, as many still are found directly overhead in the older barns. Farmers either built for timber or steel track systems or were left to lift tons of material into the mow by hand.

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