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Whether you want to plan a first date to impress someone special or are looking for ideas on daytime adventures, we have you covered.

Here are some recommendations on what to do together in Limerick—with a match for every mood.

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This casual social scene is a great place to begin an evening, and can help ease you into a longer night of dinner and drinks (or say goodbye after the 2-hour tasting if even after the whiskey, there’s no spark between you).

If the weather is cooperating, a barbeque can be a fun way to spend a relaxing afternoon.

Instead of worrying about the menu, let a local restaurant organize it for you.

Stop into Copper & Spice for one of their BBQ packs that includes chicken satay skewers, lamb skewers, and tandoori chicken.

Add in some snacks, salads, and drinks and you will have a complete afternoon barbeque to impress your date.

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