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November 2, 2015 I don’t know where she gets the money, but she is doing good things with it.Despite being surrounded by people with much bigger wallets, this B- list mostly television actress who usually travels around with family wrote a check over the weekend for nearly six figures to a charity which was roughly double the next highest check.April 7, 2010 This former A list television actor and former B list movie actor is now on a hit cable television show, but he is probably just a B- now. When his friends asked how he got them, our actor said it was from a new kick boxing regimen.

Actually though they are a result of his wife toppling a full bookcase on our actor after she caught him passed out drunk on their living room floor.

I had a blind a couple of years ago now which said that Gillian Anderson and David Duchonvny were living together and that Tea and David have been divorced for awhile.

Well, now it seems like Gillian is kind of also working up the courage to start explaining some things. The ages would match the times he was going through rough patches with Tea and definitely the youngest who was born about the time Tea and David officially called it quits.

Which on and off screen costars were told to stay away from each other by their PR people because they’re still worried about (true) rumors regarding the paternity of her baby?

Sep 19, 2016Enty What red carpet correspondent didn’t make any new friends last night after she overheard the actress she snubbed blame her for the firing of of her past co-hosts on that show? Read More Chris Pratt hanging out with troops at the premiere of his new movie.

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