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These messages may also have text, audio, and picture files attached.

Signing up for an e-mail account is simple, as most services offer them for free and do not check the identities of users.

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Instant Messaging Instant messaging programs allow users to exchange real-time messages with people from a list of contacts, also known as a “buddy” list.

Children may not know the true identities of their buddies, as IM accounts can be acquired anonymously.

Trusted adults should review children’s buddy lists for unknown contacts, and talk to them about the identities of the people on the lists.

A study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that teens (ages 12-17) use text messaging to communicate with their friends more than e-mail or instant messaging (IM).

However, these online communication services, along with chat rooms, continue to be an important part of children’s online interactions.

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