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Or what about the fact that many people’s taste changes over time?

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Shortly after arriving, I ran into a friendly white guy on the bus stop in Castro. Continue Reading → Being Filipino, I am already a mix of the many countries and cultures that have shaped (some would say invaded) the Philippines. I watched my friends in high school trying their luck with the opposite sex and it seemed like a lot of fun.

But with my family immigrating in the early 70s to the U. It was like a game; they would plan, strategize, and execute, then deal with the …

S., that really ensured my development into a “banana,” a derogatory label … I’m 21, born and raised in Canada and moved to Vancouver over 2 years ago, and I love Asian men and only date Asian men.

We can’t be seen as a group of people that want to have a unified message of equality and no discrimination if we ourselves are dividing ourselves through whatever methods, whether someone is feminine or someone is masculine or someone is black or someone is white.

If we continue to create these own divisions within our own community, we are no better than the ones discriminating against us.

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