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For many people not in to the whole BDSM scene then the initial image is a man getting whipped on a cross by a female in a leather body suit with a black mask on.How ever, for those who are participants in the BDSM community then the actual most important part of the whole scene and of any scenario is humiliation.For the submissive, it is the act of some one else having the control over them that means they can humiliate them and they have no choice but to accept it.

This blog has many women waiting to take you to the extremes – Best femdom Cams There are two reasons a Mistress might utilize humiliation on a slave.

The first being when he is totally humiliated and degraded, he will be “broken” and there for will be more susceptible to her demands.

To be red faced and wishing the degrading experience would stop renders a slave willing to do anything for fear it will only get worse.

He will therefor always comply with his owner’s demands. Either intentionally pushing the boundaries or accidently breaking the rules set forth by his Domme but either way, it can not be allowed to go unchecked or they will start to lose the sub/Dom hierarchy and he will get more and more complacent.

An experienced dominatrix in this instance will gradually make the experiences she forces her slave to under go to be more and more degrading but he will not realize due to being broken and seeing this as normal. By degrading him or humiliating him, the Mistress is showing that she is in charge and can make him do anything she wishes.

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