Is cm punk dating marioa

I don't think we'll be seeing Punk back in the WWE for a long long time, let alone in the video game.

I think its kinda weird how we're at a point where we kinda expect kurt angle or owen hart to be in the game more than cm punk.

But yet a guy like batista who left the company in 2010 was mentioned by both announcers and wrestlers during promos as if he was still with the company when he quit. Anywho yeah i think the only thing that could keep cm punk from being affiliated with the game is his comments toward 2K in the podcast and maybe he doesnt want wwe slandering his character in a wwe game and sort of portraying him as a simple stepping stone (when we all know he was more than that as a character ) so yeah..

just depends on if he would trust wwe to not bury him in the game and if he somehow makes an agreement with 2k to bury the hatchet AND if he's allowed to still have dealings with other companies if UFC allows for it.

I honestly would like for him to be in the game Yeah, but that brings us back to my second point, CM Punk doesn't want anything to do with WWE anymore.

In December 2011, CM Punk broke up with Beth Phoenix and she went on to date Adam Copeland aka Edge. CM Punk took Lita to the HOF earlier this year and she supported him at Wrestlemania Axxess, at this point she was only there as a friend.

However in November at the annual Chicago parade, she accompanied him there as his girlfriend along with her dog.

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