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To those who grew up in a “GM family,” where buying a Chrysler was like converting to Islam, what happened to GM was deeply saddening.

NATO war guarantees were distributed like credit cards to member states of the old Warsaw Pact and former republics of the Soviet Union.

We invaded Panama and Haiti, smashed Iraq, liberated Kuwait, intervened in Somalia and Bosnia, bombed Serbia, and invaded Iraq again — and Afghanistan. Author Lawrence Vance has inventoried America’s warfare state.

We spend more on defense than the next 10 nations combined. And according to DOD’s “Active Duty Military Personnel Strengths by Regional Area and by Country,” U. troops are now stationed in 148 countries and 11 territories.

Our Navy exceeds in firepower the next 13 navies combined. Estimated combined budgets for the Pentagon, two wars, foreign aid to allies, 16 intelligence agencies, scores of thousands of contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, and our new castle-embassies: $1 trillion a year.

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