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model Shauna Sand, when he discovered her affair with A. According to a pal, the secret romance carried on for months in 2002. J.," a friend of Lorenzo Lamas said of the scandalous affair. That would be even weirder than Morgan Freeman and E'Dena Hines. The 37-year-old party girl is currently dating twentysomething Gregory Knudsen, and is estranged from interim husband Romain Chavent, also in his twenties.

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Lorenzo had no idea; he was in the dark about the whole thing." But Lorenzo Lamas is no longer in the dark.

Lorenzo Lamas-Craig – formerly known as Lorenzo Lamas – was seen lunching with his youngest daughter Isabella, 11, along with some friends at Chipotle Mexican Restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calif. Big sisters Alexandra, 14, and Victoria, 13, were not spotted with the group.

Lorenzo’s first daughter, Shayne, 26, recently talked to Celebrity Baby Scoop about being “very, very, very close with” her younger sisters.

She also said their mother Shauna Sand embarrasses the girls with her revealing attire and is “MIA as far as a mother is concerned.” I see my sisters when they are with my dad, which is pretty much 99% of the time. They are with my dad a lot, and they come down and stay with me, my husband, and my baby,” Shayne said.

I wish Shawna #2 and I had a relationship, but we don’t,” Shayne revealed. She doesn’t contact me, I don’t contact her, we don’t have anything in common. She and my dad came to the hospital for, like, minute.” She added: “My dad’s happy as I know it, so I wish them the best.

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