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The 23-year-old said on the "I acknowledge fully the way that I grew up was not normal.But at the same time, it was normal in the sense that despite what my parents do, they are still a mom and a dad.

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Related: Celebs With The Highest Number Of Divorces A concert-goer reported that the 66-year-old performed singer earlier this month, but the relationship seems to be in the very beginning stages — especially since Mellencamp just ended a three-year relationship with Meg Ryan. [is that the kids' show isn't afraid of pulling out a reference that will go over its core audience's head just to entertain parents.

We don't think Billy is speaking out of jealousy, but it's definitely inneresting! And that aspect may have never been as on display as it was in their recent parody of Muppets!

Joel just welcomed a daughter with his fourth wife, Alexis, in August — so it's clear all parties have moved on. ] But we barely noticed that at all because the short actually threw in a nod to the famous orgasm scene from the Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal classic! We guess they're really itching to make their move over to HBO for the next five years.

When James Corden isn't driving his favorite celebrities around and singing, he's turning those tunes into an intriguing soap in The Bold And The Lyrical!

On Monday night, the comedian had both Meg Ryan AND Adam Scott on the couch, so he couldn't pass up the opportunity to have them star in a Beyoncé inspired soap opera.

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