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After all, if they are charging half your month’s salary for food and drinks, the restaurant can’t be a bad choice, right? When coming to date, you definitely need to focus on some basic principles that can result into a great restaurant and a marvellous evening. And when there’s a special occasion like Valentine’s, a costlier one of the lot.And yes, you don’t necessarily need to spend half of your salary. When you’re going out to dine, what can you focus on more than delicious food?!! Then it’s better to scoop her away to a place which is loaded with nature’s best.

But remember, the aroma will not be enough to cover up for your skipping the shower. You can definitely not enjoy the ensemble of great food or your amazing company if they go ballistic with dim lights and you can’t even see what you’re eating and fumble in the dark to hold hands only to spill your mojito on your date’s lap. And then maybe she won’t dump the plate of the leftover penne arrabiata on your head when you ask her to pay! The rustle of the tree tops in vicinity and calming white Buddha statue with a fountain flowing from his hand, makes up for a great soothing environment.

Plus the fast service and choice of of multiple cuisine makes it a great choice.

While this is the traditional must-have for the success of a lovely date night, the music need not be just soft and complement a beautiful and romantic dinner but can even be energetic and peppy for you to enjoy a close groove with your beloved.

However, better shed that baraati leaf when you intend to do that.

USP: The minimalist yet classy décor gives a feeling of being in Europe which does justice with the the delicious European fare.

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