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It’s crucial to have these conversations around the issues of volunteer travel as a step to minimizing them.

It’s a free online database aimed at connecting travellers with causes and communities around the world.

The original idea was exclusively to provide data on volunteer opportunities around the world, but it’s grown now to connect travellers with social enterprises that they can support financially as well.

Infusing passion and purpose in her travels, Shannon launched Grassroots Volunteering, a database of free and low-cost volunteering opportunities and social enterprises. The first time I left the country was in college where I did a semester abroad in Northern Italy. You have to switch the situation and constantly ask yourself of the effect that you’re having on the person whose country and culture and community you’re visiting.

She’s also recently written the combining storytelling and research for travellers to understand the effects of international volunteering. After studying, I then backpacked through Europe with some of my new friends and it was just the quintessential backpacker experience. Sometimes it can be very frustrating when you can’t communicate; I’m sure you’re well aware of this.

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