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It believes that too much money is spent on a penal system which doesn’t work, doesn’t make our communities safer and fails to reduce offending.

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The Ten Commandments Dead Sea Scroll (scroll 4Q41) was found in this cave.

Shani Tzoref, Qumran Institute Fellow at the University of Göttingen and Professor of Bible and Biblical Exegesis at the Universities of Potsdam and Geiger College, in an email to The most famous of the Qumran caves, Cave 4, was where more than 10,000 scroll fragments from more than 500 manuscripts were discovered.

“A number of the Dead Sea Scrolls preserve parts of the Decalogue [the Ten Commandments], but 4Q41 (4QDeut) is special because it is so beautifully preserved,” said Dead Sea Scroll specialist Dr.

Payment by results is a controversial new approach to commissioning which tends to polarise opinions.

This, to a large degree, is because it doesn’t yet have an established evidence base and many of the current pilot schemes described as Pb R seem to have relatively little in common in terms of their design principles.

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