Updating web content

See bug 434718, especially its = 6 to see the difference: the two box cascades behave differently in Firefox 2, because the em-based font-size "bounces" off the minimum font size).

updating web content-71

These files are intended to be accessible by web content.

All other chrome content is now blocked from access by the web.

There is, however, a way for extensions to make their content web-accessible.

There are a number of changes in the upcoming Firefox 3 that may affect your web site or web application, as well as new features you may wish to take advantage of.

This article will serve as a starting point as you work on updating your content to take the fullest possible advantage of Firefox 3. Firefox doesn't currently enforce this rule (it did for a while during the development of Firefox 3, but too many sites break when this rule is enforced).

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