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He has also taken Bhante out on his first trip this year for a drive and then a short walk by the Malvern hills.

We have also just begun to dip into Suvarnaprabha’s compiled book on Brahmacariya.

Bhante continues to also meet regularly with Saddhanandi to discuss and record interviews on his Poetry, they have now recorded eight separate interviews on individual poems, the most recent having been ‘The Bodhisattvas reply’ and ‘In the woods are many more’. Spring is forcing its way up through the ground here at Adhisthana, in the way that green things do, slowly quietly and without halt.

Then suddenly we take notice and the eye is caught by daffodils and tulips flowering.

Spring has been bursting forth here at Adhisthana during April.

The oaks are coming into their lime green fresh mantles and the copper beech are sprouting, while the Ducklings are finally hatching out!

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