What does dating on the rebound mean

There's an enormous amount of good information in there to take a look at specifically what it is about the relationship that didn't work for them, what it is about the other person that didn't work for them, and to use that to their advantage in a relationship.

It's similar to a drug that people take that sort of takes away all of their pain and give them a sense of euphoria.

What it is, it's an unrealistic expectation because no human being can fulfill all of the those things for us and we need to make sure that we're aware of our own issues that we're bringing into a relationship so that we can work through them in a healthy, constructive way.

When we end significant romantic relationships, it's perfectly normal that we're going to have a lot of pain - what we do with that pain is important.

Divorce and break ups are difficult times that often can lead to "rebound relationships." Get tips on recognizing when you are in a rebound relationship in this psychology video from I'm here for to talk about rebound relationships.

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