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The luxury chip set and poker lessons aren’t the things for sale in Beth Shak’s inventory.

A quick scan of the poker player-turned-entrepreneur’s website showed that she is also offering a medical gown that has a full patent, a variety of T-shirts, jackets and tank tops with poker imagery on them, and a selection of her favorite recipes, which range from salad to crab cakes, popover and even her “Mom’s Cheesecake.” Well, if Shak’s poker lessons fail to persuade her would-be students to ante-up, she can always throw in her cooking lessons to sweeten the deal.

Power queen Beth Shak is sharing the details of her recent elopement in Las Veqas, and how she and new husband Rick Leventhal were able to make the ceremony happen in less than an hour - with a little help from one famous friend.'We were out to dinner at Beauty & Essex in The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas with Robin [Leach, the host of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous] and Lydia [Ansel, Rod Stewart’s violinist] when we decided to get married! 'Robin said he knew someone from the chapel so he made a call and then because I had a poker tournament that night - which I lost because I was so distracted!

reported Saturday that Beth Shak, a professional poker player, is being sued by her ex-husband for failing to report her 1,200-pair designer shoe collection in their divorce proceedings three years ago.

Shak's ex, hedge-fund boss Daniel Shak, claims the shoes were hidden from him in a "secret room" during the marriage. There are so many couples having unhealthy children.

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