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Have you ever been obsessed without realizing it at the time?I have been reflecting back on a time when I may have been just a tad bit overzealous when it came to this particular music artist, and laughing at myself.Laughing is always a healthy thing to do, especially at oneself! For over 40-something years, I loved listening to rock-n-roll from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Anyway, one day while driving in my car as usual, listening to those classic rock songs I love so much, it just hit me, I was ready for a change.

I have heard all of these songs before probably over hundreds of thousands of times, over and over.

I knew every word and every song, and I love them all, but still I was searching for something new and different.

So, I decided to change the radio station, and came across a voice and song that just went straight to my head.

It wasn't until I saw the video of that song on CMC (Country Music Channel), then I was hooked in the worst way! Membership includes: Online fan club access Souvenir membership card Welcome letter Meet & Greet opportunities Opportunity for fan club concert tickets Exclusive downloads and more! If you want to "like" Gary Allan, go to his website at: Then, I would drag my husband to various concerts across state lines into Georgia, but he did not seem to mind, as it was an adventure.

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