Who is jay sean dating

Ahh Mrs Jooti im pleased to tell you that you have given birth to a healthy baby boy. I picked it up cautiously but it magnetized me suprised me, I had to fight thepower like the eyes of me.

So years went by and Jay Sean went down in history like superman my composition was a mystery.

Iwas 2 and other kids were lernin the alphabet but i was revisin schemes to make the catch that iwas out to get.

Only 3 and alredy my rhymmes were out to win, my shit wud drop so hard that eventhe panties cudn't hold it in.

Bribed by the geniuses by lyricists and scientists, Only 6 and iwas lecturin my alliances, Even Einstein came to knock upon my door ya know.

Pissed off cus iupdated his formula, wen he sniffed the excellence and replaced the mc squared with mc Jay Sean,change it even no one dares scared cus i went on to steal his nobel prize for being the youngestmother fuckin genius alive.

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