Word 2016 drive map updating unc

Server adds support for Real Band Remote for Android, and improves the reliability of some server connections.

The previous build (Build 5046 - Dec 2012) added support for the i Phone version of Real Band Remote.

Note that Real Band Remote also requires the desktop version of Band-in-a-Box 2013 to Build 366 from any previous 2013 build.

The update must be installed into your existing Band-in-a-Box Server is the process that interacts with remote apps.

Server is the process that interacts with remote apps.

Note: If you are updating a hard drive edition of Band-in-a-Box (2010 or 2011) update patch instead - that will also install the most recent Coyote Wave Table.

Additional Real Tracks updates are available here This is considered a BETA update patch because it is new.

The patch installs some Real Tracks updates; make sure to select the correct Real Tracks and Drums folders so those files can be updated. If you currently have build 413 or earlier, you may wish to download the full 2015 update patch, which includes some additional Real Tracks updates.

Last modified 10-Jun-2016 17:40